Summer Activities



The Columbia Valley has long been a golfer’s playground. Courses ranging from Fairmont to Radium it is a wonderful place to start or end your golf vacation in the Columbia Valley.



Take your pick from lake, or river—everywhere you go, the scenery rivals the catch. Venture to the water to fish with panoramic mountain views, and spot wildlife along the way.

hiking trails


Whether you are interested in a family friendly, half day hike or a bigger excursion we have a large variety of trails. From the hoodoos, to Mt. Swansea we have a hike for all levels of adventure!

hot spring pools

natural hot springs pools

Immerse yourself in the soothing, mineral-rich waters and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of one of Columbia Valley’s natural hot springs pools. All of the springs are open year-round with the option of relaxing in Radium Hot Springs, Fairmont Hot Springs, and Lussier Hot Springs.

Fat, road and mountain biking

With a variety of trails, the Columbia Valley makes an excellent biker friendly environment year-round. With the options of fat biking, road biking and mountain biking it caters to all levels. There are no shortages for mountain biking in the Rockies, from the Spirit trail, to Panorama the fun is endless! As for road biking the implementation of the legacy trail connects cyclists on a beautiful new trail that was just recently finished!

Outdoor Waterpark

Pools and Beaches

Whether you’re at our outdoor pool having fun with the kids or at beautiful lake Windermere with its beaches on a hot summer day in Columbia Valley, we have some excellent options.

Columbia Valley lakes and rivers

Explore Mountain Scenery

Experience wilderness, learn new skills, and explore Columbia Valley’s lakes, rivers and mountain scenery. The area makes for a memorable experience for a tubing/floating, paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing adventure!


Valley’s ziplining tours

Feeling adventurous this summer? Get ready to take in views of the pristine Columbia Valley and the Purcell Mountain range with some of the Valley’s ziplining tours.  If you’re not ready to try the ziplining, the valley offers Go Karting and Paint balling during the summer season!

Segway Tours

Segway Tours

Looking for family friendly activities any time of the year? The Columbia Valley offers a range of activities from Segway Tours, Escape rooms, bowling, and an indoor sports facility that offers a range of indoor sports!